Low Cost Car Hire in Greece

Low Cost Car Hire in Greece

Greece offers a multitude of gracious and exciting things to do and see. Low cost car hire in Greece is the best way to see and do more in this culturally enriched destination, offering the benefit of determining your own itinerary and the option to stay for as long as you like at each attraction.

Where to go in Greece with a Car

Once you’ve found your low cost car rental you can embark on your planned tour or just drive to your first destination and create your itinerary over a glass of chilled Greek wine. Where ever you decide to go you are sure to be impressed by the warmth of the Greek and the depth of their culture.

Drive to Nafplio

It is highly recommended that you begin your Greek driving tour in Athens and work your way through the well-known landmarks of ancient Greek civilisation. For a great introduction to archaeological sites and museums take the 100 mile drive along the coast and over the Corinth Canal. Be sure to watch out for the great view when crossing the canal or you could miss it because it is very narrow. Sorry, but if you’re the driver of the car we don’t suggest concentrating on the view for too long but passengers will be amazed. In Ancient Corinth and surrounding areas you will find the Palamidi Fortress, Epidaurus Theatre and Bourtzi Castle. You can then continue to Nafplio, a small and lively town that was once the capital of Greece. Without a car this short excursion would be rather awkward.

Byzantine City Mystra

The fortified Byzantine city of Mystras is steeped in history dating back to the 13th century. Sights to see include the fortress itself at the top of the hills, the inner and outer walls with their strategically placed towers. The three gates are also very imposing and a testament to the need to protect important cities from outside forces as well as a reminder of the threat of attack constantly present at the time. Other sights to see in Mystra include the various designs of old mansions and houses, more than 25 churches and the Byzantine Museum. Mystras is usually visited on the way to Sparti, the closest town and natural progression in terms of touring.


Olympia is well known for been the site of the original Olympic Games starting in 776 BC according to popular accounts. Olympia is also home to many ancient archaeological sites and structures of interest such as the Temple of Hera and the Temple of Zeus, for whom the Olympics was in honour of. At one point in time there was reported to have stood a huge ivory and gold statue of Zeus (Greek God) cited as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Drive around Classical Central Greece

Heading out from Athens it is possible to cover a large area of classical Central Greece on the way to Delphi and taking in towns such as Thebes, Arachova and Parnassos. This driving tour will expose you to amazing archaeological structures, geological formations and massive compliment of Greek cuisine, culture and wine.

Low Car Hire in Greece – Tip

If you intend to island hop consider the advantages of arranging low cost car hire in each island rather than paying the charges to transport one car across to each island which could work out more expensive. This is a cost saving option which you may want to investigate further.